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Our damage-free EtO tabletop sterilizers have been preferred by veterinarians around the world for over 40 years to reprocess their most delicate instruments.

High efficiency EtO sterilization

Protect your Patients


Unlike HLD, EtO's impeccable track record proves that it gets the job done again and again. Even the FDA recommends its use for critical applications.


In most high level disinfection methods sterilization is compromised as soon as the item leaves the disinfecting medium. Our exclusive EO-FCT system allows your instruments to stay sterile as long as needed thanks to a protective sterile barrier.

Protect your Instruments


Over 50% of all medical devices are sterilized with EtO because of its compatibility with electronics, fiber optics, lenses, paper, rubber, all polymers, metal, glass and much more.


Protect your expensive instruments with the gentleness of a tabletop EtO sterilizer.

Ethylene Oxide Flexible Chamber Technology:

The reliability of EtO using under 17.6 g/cycle



Our exclusive high efficiency Ethylene Oxide Flexible Chamber Technology  system ensures that true 12 LOG sterilization is reached using under 17.6 grams per cycle. This is why thousands of veterinarian practices around the world use our EO-FCT gas sterilizers as their preferred method to sterilize sensitive instruments:


  • Proven reliability of 100 ethylene oxide (EtO).
  • Low temperature sterilization
  • Unmatched gentleness because EO-FCT uses no steam, pressure nor abrasive chemicals that damage your expensive instruments.
  • Large capacity cabinets.
  • Fast sterilization. Starting at 3.5h per cycle, EtO has never been this fast before.
  • Compatible with most materials:  electronics, paper, rubber and plastic, and thousands of other money-saving applications.




(1) The Andersen Anprolene 74i/ix/J systems have not been cleared by US FDA as a medical device sterilizers.


(2) The Andersen EOGas Series 3 system has not received US FDA 510(k) clearance  for use in human health care facilities.


(3) The Andersen EOGas 4 has been cleared by the US FDA for the sterilization of the above materials in the quantities stated.  It has also been cleared for endoscopes with lumens up to those listed, with diameters of the same size or larger than those listed.



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